Have a Heart for Horses Fundraiser

Have a Heart for Horses 2017

Please join us Saturday, April 8, 2017 for our 6th Annual Have a Heart for Horses Fundraiser from 5:00 -10:00 p.m. at WC Dover Farm, 534 Dover Road, Havana, Florida. Special guests include world renowned professional horse trainer, Marsha Sapp, and the Paso Fino horses from Greener Pastures Ranch.

This will be a fun-filled evening with dinner, dancing, cash bar, live band, and a silent auction.

Tickets can be purchased at the door at $65.00 each. All proceeds for this fundraiser will go directly to Triple R Horse Rescue to help horses in need.

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For questions call (850) 878-1670.

For sponsorship opportunities please visit our sponsor information page.

Additional Information about our Special Guest:

Marsha Sapp Marsha Sapp is a professional horse trainer and competitive rider residing in Tallahassee, Florida. She is the owner and head trainer at Southern Oaks Equestrian Center, where she also coaches the FSU Equestrian team. She is a nationally recognized trainer and clinician, a multiple top five finalist in the Extreme Mustang Makeover, a finalist in the American Horsewomans Challenge, a USDF Silver Medalist competing to Prix St. George, a three-time World Champion in Western dressage and the trainer of two USEF Horse of the Year awards.

Marsha makes a living educating horses and their owners alike in her “least resistance” training methods and receives great joy in her work with horses, making a difference one horse at a time. Marsha is honored to be participating in the Triple R fundraiser, creating awareness for equine rescue, a cause near and dear to her heart.

Here is the Championship video of Marsha and Cobra:


Here is the Championship Freestyle video of Marsha and Gitano:

World Champion Gitano Freestyle at the 2015 Western …

We are also pleased to have artist and equestrian, Sandra Beaulieu, join us this year.  She will create a work of art during the event while on horse back.  Her beautiful paintings are sought after nation wide.  She is generously donating her painting that she creates at our Have a Hear for Horses event for our silent auction.  Here is how Sandra describes her work: “It has always been my goal to capture the essence of the horse with minimal lines. I use art as a zen meditation, a way to bring myself into the moment and feel the spirit of the horse. Riding Rovandio while I paint is the perfect opportunity for me to express that. I believe that dressage is an artform in itself and to ride a horse with minimal aids holds the same value to me as painting with minimal brushstrokes. They are one in the same and to bring them together in this way is very special to me.” -Sandra Beaulieu

About my first finished painting “Prancing Water Horse”: “This painting is the first one of its kind, the first painting in the world to be fully created from the back of a horse. I joined two 36″x48” canvases together to make a canvas large enough to paint by horseback. The background was created first by with a paint roller at the trot and canter, using the movements of the horse to spontaneously mix the colors. I rubbed paint directly onto the canvas with my hands and created the drips with a water bottle. I let the canvas dry and then turned it upside down before I painted the horse. Rovandio and I had to work together in the collected movements so that I could paint while also remaining in motion. We used piaffe, spanish walk, some collected canter and rein-back to help me land the final brushstrokes. This painting is an expression of my passion for the art of riding.”  For more information and to watch a video of Sandra in the creative process please visit her website http://beginthedance.com/art-on-horseback/