Posted on June 12, 2014


Mandy is a dark black/bay Thoroughbred mare that was rescued from a bad situation in Georgia. She is now in a wonderful foster home and is already starting to flourish.

UPDATE Aug. 2014:
Ground works nicely with Clinton Anderson’s method (she tends to be lazy with a softer approach like Parelli); she leads very well on both sides; she can be tacked up on either side as long as the girth is put on slowly and tightened gradually, she won’t lay down; she backs, turns, joins up, ground ties, and is learning to yield hindquarters and to flex; rides really well; picks up correct lead; and does ride collected when asked.

Update: Mandy found her forever home!


Mandy in July 2014:


Mandy after 2 months of proper feed and care:

Mandy the day she was rescued: