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Their Stories

A Paso Fino rescued in 2011 from Woodville, FL

Our horses are grateful for a daily dose of love and a regular meal, not to mention vet checks. But we need your help for their recovery. Please consider making a donation or becoming a virtual sponsor. And you’re always welcome to come visit them! But don’t forget the apples and bananas.

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Blue – (Adopted)

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Blue – (Adopted)

Look at Blue’s sweet face. What a pretty girl!

Gadsden County Animal Control brought Blue to Triple R in March 2015. She is an 8 year old mare, approximately 13 1/2 hands and she has been ridden. She needs to continue her training in a loving forever home.  Her foster mom describes her as a real sweetheart.

Could Blue be the horse for you?

Update: Blue has found her forever home!



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Cannon is a 22-year-old bay Tennessee Walker gelding who came to Triple R in the spring of 2015 through the help of Madison County Animal Control.

He had a severe leg injury from getting tangled in barbed wire. That injury has healed, but he is stiff in that back leg still and needs a larger pasture to walk around in to keep it limber.

He is well-trained and was likely a plantation horse at one point in his life.

He is 15-1 hands and would be best as a companion horse, although he could probably carry a small child while being led around. He also has a sweet disposition and is very smart.

He’s rehabbed nicely and would love to have someone offer him a forever home with lots of love, apples and attention.




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Blackjack is one of 12 horses that came to Triple R from Leon County through a court order.

He is a 6-year-old paint gelding, standing about 15 hands who has been trained by Trey Young.

He has rehabbed beautifully and would make someone a great trail horse.


Slim – (ADOPTED!)

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Slim – (ADOPTED!)

Beautiful 5 Year old Buckskin QH Gelding. He is untrained but very sweet. He was surrendered by his owners to Triple R. He is available for adoption to an approved home.

Update: Slim has found his forever home!

slim1 slim2 slim3

Hank – (ADOPTED!)

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Hank – (ADOPTED!)

Hank is a 2-year old palomino gelding. His mom was Ginny, a mare we adopted out a while back. You can read more about Hank’s incredible early life.

Now, Hank is ready to be adopted. He’s turned out to be a beautiful boy. He’s very sweet and has been worked with some on ground manners, saddling, loaded like a pro! 

Update: Hank has found his forever home!



Darby and Rose

Posted by on November 10, 2014 in Blog, Featured, Their stories | 0 comments

This pair was rescued from a bad situation back in September 2014. Here’s an update at November 2014 from their foster mom:

It’s hard to believe it’s been two months since Darby and Rose arrived. When they arrived, they were thin, had rain rot, had issues with even walking due to both low energy and over-grown hooves and were unsure of their new surroundings. They sure have settled in! Both of them are very vocal and call out every time me or the dogs go outside or I drive in from work at the end of the day. Rose really had issues even walking and now she walks at a rapid pace and will trot if she thinks she is missing dinner. It brings a smile to my face each time she does break into a trot. One time she even cantered a few steps! Rose is definitely the alpha-female. If Darby attempts to get extra bites of food from Rose, Rose will push Darby away and I have even seen Rose kick-out at Darby. I have included some pictures taken earlier today. You can see that they have grown a winter coat. Rose is still a bit ribby and with big belly so I am rotating wormers, but it’s it getting better.


Turtle – (ADOPTED!)

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Turtle – (ADOPTED!)

Turtle was an owner surrender from a women who has done an immense amount of rescuing of her own but has fallen on difficult times. She was a previous hunter jumper with a shoulder injury. We are carefully, with guidence from the vet, going to put her back under saddle to see if she can be suitable for any sort of riding. She is as sweet as they come. Stands well for farrier but isn’t fond of baths or fly spray. She is 7 years old and stands around 13 hands high.

Update from Nov. 2014: Turtle was adopted!

Congrats to the Nickas Family! They adopted both Turtle and Flicka!







Minnie Pearl – (ADOPTED!)

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Minnie Pearl – (ADOPTED!)

Update: Minnie Pearl was adopted in August 2014. She’s found a wonderful forever home!

Flea-bitten gray QH mare. We were told she is approx 14 years old (Our vet thought she might be older) and was pulled out of a bog/pond with a tractor and has a “hitch in her getalong” on her left flank. She is very gentle and will be good for light riding.





Joy – (ADOPTED!)

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Joy – (ADOPTED!)

Joy is a bay thoroughbred mare. She is a cribber and has worn her upper teeth down. We were told she was 13 years old (Our vet thought she may be older) and was a polo horse down in South Florida. She is very gentle and rides well.

Update: Joy has found her forever home!




Queen – (ADOPTED!)

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Queen – (ADOPTED!)

Queen is an 8-year-old Quarter Horse that came to Triple R from Monticello.

She was languishing in a cluttered backyard with only a string of barbed wire to keep her contained. When her owner had a stroke, family members reached out to Triple R for help. We took in Queen and her pasture mate,  Boone, who has been adopted out.

Queen was rehabbed at Valhalla Plantation under the watchful eye of Jennifer Cahoon and Judith Stuckey. She can be ridden but is best for a rider with experience. However, she is soon going to be getting further training. She is a sorrel/chestnut, about 15 hands.

The first photo is Queen on the day we first saw her in 2014, with Triple R board member Eric Pelletier. Pictures 2, 3, & 4 are Queen with Jennifer at Valhalla.

Update: Queen has found her forever home!