Ninja, Appendix QH gelding

Posted on January 1, 2012

Ninja, Appendix QH gelding


Ninja is a 25 year old Appendix Quarter Horse found in a sandy lot in Quincy, Fla., and surrendered by his owner to Gadsden County Animal Control. He is a sweet animal, about 15.2 hands. Ninja came to us from Gadsden County in the early fall of 2010. He was a walking skeleton and probably weeks away from being beyond our ability to help. But with good food and vet care, this is how he looks today, six months later, at his foster home. He is a Quarter Horse about 15 hands high and is believed to be 25-26 years old. He is in good health again. We found out he was a barrel racer in his younger days. He loads well, is very sweet-natured and loves bananas! He accepted a western saddle and bit with no touble but was fearful when a rider got on him, almost like he was waiting to be hit or punished in some way.

 Ready for adoption! Ninja is a Quarter Horse Gelding, $350 adoption fee
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Ninja when we rescued him in fall 2010The photo above was taken in January 2011 – after 10 wormings, a teeth floating and better nutrition. The one below is from Ninja’s adoption day in 2010.

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